Saturday, April 17, 2010

Karate Lessons

From Roger to Matt **********
I feel kind of dumb e-mailing about Karate classes, but I really need to learn some take-downs and weaponry basics.
I'm 41 and I haven't had any sort of formal Karate training other than watching a few Kung-Fu movies (haha, if you count that).
What sort of class would you recommend for my age and experience level?
Gentle Tidings,

From Matt ********** to Roger
Thank you for your interest.  I teach karate and traditional okinawian weaponry, starting with the 6 ft staff.  I am also a long time practioner of judo and am well versed in judo takedowns and ground work.  However I do not teach any judo based takedowns in the adult karate classes.  I am not opposed to teaching them on an alternate night from the karate classes but at this point I do not offer classes in judo/takedowns.  The best thing I can say would be to stop down and watch a class and see if it is for you.  You can take part if you wish.   I offer a free month of instruction to see if it is the right fit.  Classes comprise of conditioning exercises (push ups, sit ups, squats etc) mixed with kicking, punching and footwork.  At some point we will also practice weaponry during class. We recommend new students to pace themselves and work into our routine slowly.  There is no pressure or expectation that new students will jump right in and be familiar with our exercises.   If you would like, private introductory classes can be arranged at no charge if this is a better fit.  As far as a recommendation, I would say visit schools and ask questions.  Early on I was concerned with what style was being taught.  I have learned through experience that the instructor is much more important than the style.  The quality of instruction and the feel of the dojo are what I would be paying attention to.  May I ask what is motivating you to start practicing?

P.S:  Here is the website for our studio. If you look at the pictures you will notice the children's class grappling.  I find that children take to wrestling faster than sparring.  not only are they generally more comfortable but they can grapple with much more effort than with sparring.

From Roger to Matt **********
Thanks for emailing me back.  It looks like you know a lot of cool stuff about karate and fights.  The classes you offer sound interesting, but I really have an interest in nun chucks and breaking boards with parts of my body.  I always see this in movies and it seems like something that really impresses women.  I'm a single father and at 41, I'm not getting any younger or hipper.  I attend a Zumba and recreational volleyball league with a co-worker named Karen.  She's 36 and is really great, but I'm not sure how she feels about me.
I don't want to end up in the friend zone, and I feel the only way to avoid that would be to impress her by breaking some boards with my forearms or head.
Do you offer any classes in body part board breaking or at the very least a nun chuck class.
I already have my own set of nun chucks so you wouldn't have to worry about providing them.
Also, I appreciate your information on the children's grappling class, but I'm 41 years and I don't need any help learning how to beat up a kid.
Roger P

From Matt ********** to Roger
I see little value in board braking (personal opinion). I do not teach it, and the children's grappling class is not for adults, it was just a bit of information about my dojo.  We do teach the nun chucks, however, they are not taught until blue belt.   There is not fixed time frame but blue belt takes  3+ years to reach....  If you want to get in shape and learn the basics of the staff, then I can help you.
I appreciate your interest. Please let me know if i can be of further assistance.

From Roger to Matt ******
You see little value in absolutely destroying a 4 inch piece of maple with your forehead or palm??  Are you kidding me Matt or are you just unable to break a board?
Listen, I'll give you 40 bucks to show me how to karate chop some logs and beat someone with nunchuks.  I just want to catch Karen's eye and let her husband know he has some competition.

From Matt ******* to RogerI don't think you understand karate and its teachings.  I teach karate as a method of self defense and self discipline.  I will NOT teach an agressor who has intentions of harming someone else.
I offer introductory classes, which are $50 for 3 basics lessons.  These lessons do not cover breaking boards or nun chucks.

From Roger to Matt ********
It sounds to me like you are running a powder puff football camp for teddy bears.  Last time I checked, Bruce Lee didn't kill the bad guys and get the girl after taking a children's grappling class.
Its time you step up and be a man.  I will pay you $60 to teach me to perform 3 of the following moves:
1.  Break a 2 x 4 with my face
2.  Kick someone really hard
3.  Throw a ninja star
4.  Break a man's leg (without using a hockey stick)
5.  Be awesome at nun chucks
6.  Stop a man's heart for a couple of seconds just by touching him gently (not in a gay way)

If you can think of any other cool things you know how to do then send me your ideas.  What time can I come to your dojo?

From Matt ******** to Roger

I DO NOT teach aggressors.  The tone of your emails is a violent one.  I am sorry, but I cannot train you.
Thanks for your interest and good luck,

From Roger to Matt ************

I was just kidding around, I don't really want to break Karen's husband's femur.  I was joking man.
Can you teach me please?
P.S.  I also want to learn how to dislocate a person's hips.

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