Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pet Sitting Service

From Roger Podacter to Katie

Hi, I saw your ad that you offer a pet sitting service and I am definitely interested. I have a ten year border collie named Michael who is as cute as a baby, but as annoying as a baby. Basically, I can rarely get anything done around the house without Michael wanting me to pet him, throw a ball to him or feed him. Don't get me wrong, I love my dog, but he is constantly bugging me.

For instance, last night I was trying to watch season 2 of Heroes and Michael is nudging my hand with his snout and begging for food. I could barely watch the show.I am missing out on a lot that life has to offer and I just need a hand. How much are your rates normally?


From Katie to Roger

Hi Roger,
Thank you for contacting me. WoW!! You definitely have a furry problem. Do you work outside the house? I'm wondering if Michael is left alone all day while you are out of the house? If so,this is part of his problem you might want to start home visits to keep him company for an hour or two.

My fee for a home visit is $24.00 for an hour, he would get all the attention he needs.

How much time do you spend with him a day? Look forward to meeting Michael! Katie

From Roger to Katie

$24/hr is kinda pricey. How much would it be for you to come out to the house and pet Michael while I watch Home Improvement and surf the internet? All you would need to do is sit in my living room and pet him while Darren and I watch some TV and maybe order a pizza. Probably from 5pm to Midnight Monday thru Friday.

From Katie to Roger

Roger, WoW! I already have a few clients so I doubt I'd be able to help you out 35 hours a week. Have you thought of doggie day care? There are a lot of great facilities in the area that could care for Michael while you are at work.

I'm really sorry. I would be willing to come to your home during the week a couple days to keep Michael company while you are at work.

From Roger to Katie

Michael is really getting on my nerves today and on Darren's. Darren is my brother-in-law, well not technically, since I'm divorced, but Darren lives with me. He's been out of work since July and lost his license. Usually he watches Michael during the day, but he normally wakes up about an hour before I get home from work, so he's not very useful.

I'd really rather not have you come to the house during the day, because Darren is a registered sex offender, even though it was over 10 years ago and he was 18 and she was 15. $24/hr is kind of expensive for you to come out while I'm at work, but like I said, you can come while I am home. That is when Michael bothers me most.


  1. Haha, It's a shame she didn't respond after the sex offender bit. Good to know others have good taste in sense of humor, I will definitely be a future visitor.

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