Wednesday, November 11, 2009

14FT Box Truck Available for Hauling

Dewayne Neederlander
To: Byron

Hi, I live about 20 minutes from you, and I'm definitely interested in hiring you to move some things of mine with your box truck. 
I'm glad I found your ad because normally I just have to take my chances and burn all of my leftovers every fall to prepare for the
winter season.

To: Dewayne Neederlander

My dad is the one who does it his name is frank and yea we should be able to help you out.
what kind of stuff do you need us to haul?
call me at ***-***-****.

Dewayne Neederlander
To: Byron

Byron, Thanks for you quick response.
I run a small taxidermy business from my home, and I'd like to hire you to move-out all my "leftovers" from this season. 

This is exactly how it sounds. I have everything; deer legs, dog torsos, horse rib cages, etc.  I have been trying to keep most of the items frozen to hide the smell, but my ice box was full in late July, so I've just been storing everything in shopping bags in my frig.
It should take about an hour to load all the pieces, and I've drained the majority of the blood into some mason jars which we can transport easily.

We'll just need to find a place to dump all of this stuff, because if we do it too close to a populated area it will attract bears.
I'm thinking we could find somewhere to do it near Cooks Forest state park. Does the truck have good tires?


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  1. I love how these are usually capped with perfectly benign questions like "does the truck have good tires?"