Friday, June 26, 2009

Darius is Home from Prison

All Must Go 6/27-9-?? Yard Sale HUGE (A**** P*****)

Date: 2009-06-24

One day only-9AM until ?? Saturday June 27th - (no early birds, please).HUGE garage sale, something for everyone!! Collectibles, NASCAR diecast, Dishes, Books, End tables, too much to list.

4*** G******* Drive A***** P*****, PA ******* (off W****** Road) Going towards Route ** on W******* make left onto G*********. Off Route ** towards N***** P****easier to make right on R****** and follow all the way around. Look for signs.

From Roger Podacter to sale************

Hi, I saw your yard sale posting on Craigslist and I am interested. I see you live in Allison Park, I live real close about a 15 minute drive. What I was wondering is if I would be able to bring over some of my wares to sell at your yard sale? My son Darius just got out of prison and we both think its best to get rid of items from his previous life. Most items are guns/weapons, but there are also some decent comic books and an original Atari.
I know you are probably busy preparing for the garage sale and don't have time to check your e-mail, so I'll just stop by on Saturday our things. The more items we have at the garage sale the better. We'll both benefit. Also, if you do get this e-mail before Saturday, could you change the Craigslist listing to mention some of our items that will be available.

From i************** to Roger Podacter

Hello Roger;

Thanks for your interest however I do not want to include guns or weapons and I do not want others bringing items-I have too many as it is. Sorry.

From Roger Podacter to i***************

Ok, I understand your concerns, but each gun is in pristine condition and will have the safety on. I could keep them in a hip holster which I would keep on my person at all times. I would only take them out to show a customer or sell it. And only 80% of our items are guns. Like I said before, there are comic books, an Atari and we also have some vases that were handcrafted by my ex-wife.

Are you sure you don't want more business at your yard sale?

From i*********** to Roger Podacter

I am sure Roger-I do not have enough room for my own things! So please do not bring anything.

From Roger Podacter to i***********

OK listen, I'll only bring a few comic books and the hand blown vases, but I'll leave the guns in the car. Once you see that the crowd's are larger, I'll just get the guns from the car and we can increase business. But if you're still grouchy and business isn't that great, then I will leave and you can try to sucker some people into buying your junk.

From i************** to Roger Podacter

I said absolutely NOT!!!
You are being completely rude now do not email or even come to the yard sale!!!

From Roger Podacter to i**********

I'M RUDE?! I think it boils down to the fact that you feel your yard sale is too good for myself and my "RIFF-RAFF" son!! I bet you that if Sidney Crosby wanted to come to your house and sell 400 pounds of cocaine and a set of razor-blade nunchucks you would roll out the red carpet! I won't come to your yard sale, because its gonna suck!!!! All of your stuff is probably old and you were probably just gonna throw it out in the trash. I am telling everyone I know that your yard sale is gonna be terrible. I wouldn't be surprised if nobody even came!

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  1. I love Roger's talent for causing people to melt down in three emails or less.