Thursday, June 25, 2009

Even Exchange

Fred is looking to trade his 1995 Ford Escort station wagon valued at $800.

From Roger Podacter to sale*************

Hi, I see that you are looking to trade your car for something of equal value. Did you have something in mind? Are you looking for another automobile? Goods or services?

From Fred ********* to Roger Podacter

well i have vehicles so im not really looking for another one i would be interested in off road toys quads bikes trikes street bikes and so forth and i dont need services done for any thing but im am open to suggestions

From Roger Podacter to Fred **********

Well the only car I have to trade is a 1984 Cutlass Supreme, and I just wrecked my son's trike.
I can offer a service you may be interested in. My son Darius and myself are amateur magicians and have performed spectacles of astonishing wonder. Perhaps we could come to your home and entertain you for a few hours? I would accept the car as payment.

From Fred ****** to Roger Podacter

sorry im not that much in to magic shows whats wrong with the trike i could do part cash part trade if the trike isnt wrecked to badly

From Roger Podacter to Fred **********

Darius was driving the trike at a magic show we were doing for a family reunion two weekends ago. This was the first time we attempted the trick 100% and Darius was supposed to hit the ramp and go over the pavilion and then disappear into some bushes. Instead he hit the ramp with too little speed and launched himself directly into the roof of the pavilion. He suffered a fractured collarbone and some broken ribs, but unfortunately the bike was totaled.
So you have no interest in a magic show? We don't mind crowds and you could invite as many people as you please. We simply ask that audience members with heart conditions sit towards the back during the flaming box escape trick. Any chance you might change your mind?

From Fred ****** to Roger Podacter

sorry to hear the wreck was that bad hope he will be ok i was thinking a roll over handle bars messed up tank and plastic banged up or something like that and sorry but i dont really have any intrest in a show

From Roger Podacter to Fred *******

I am not sure you understand just what you would be getting. Our shows are a great value and normally last about 6 hours including costume changes.
We can perform our own tricks or some of your favorites. The music and show structure are completely tailored to your magic tastes.

This is a summary of our most popular package:
4pm Arrival and Introductions
4:15pm - 4:45pm Comedy Routine to warm up the crowd
4:45 - 5:30pm Card Tricks (Usually guessing a card and being within 1 or 2 suites of that card)
5:30 - 6:30 pm Mind Reading (Guessing weights and heights and sometimes ages)
6:30 - 8:30pm Archery Stunts (Usually involving flaming poison tipped arrows which are rocketed into my chest from the accurate eye of Darius *UPON REQUEST A GUEST CAN SUCK OUT THE POISON)
8:30-9pm Darius Snake Charming (Only poisonous snakes are used) (******Up until this point Darius has been holding his breathe***)
9-10pm THE GRAND FINALE (Many options, most customers choose Sawing a full-grown man in half / Jumping a monster truck over your house or escaping a box engulfed in flames inside of a house engulfed in flames (we WILL provide the box)

Now that you have an idea of exactly what you're getting I think your tune has changed. Let me know what type of package you want and when you' like to book us.

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  1. "within 1 or 2 suites..." That was so funny!