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Date: 2009-03-20, 11:40AM EDT
Link: Craigslist Pittsburgh

I am selling an actually Miroslav Satan game hockey stick. It has been used in games, as I got a hook up from the pens. If you are interest in buying please email me and I will send pics to show you.
I am asking 1,000

Location: Outside of Pittsburgh
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E-MAIL FROM (sent 3/25/2009 9:25am):

Good morning friend,
I could hardly contain my excitement when I came across your ad this morning on Craigslist. I am a huge satan fan and very interested in the game-used stick you have.
A couple of questions:
1. What game(s) was the stick used in?
2. Did he score a goal in the game with the stick?
3. Is the stick autographed?
4. How long is the stick?
5. Has the stick been stored in a cool, dry place?
6. Is the stick dirty?

I would also like to get a good look at the stick before purchasing, so I would appreciate you sending along some photos.
Here are the requested photographs:
1. 8 X 10 of the Blade
2. 16 X 12 of the entire stick
3. 8 X 10 of Miroslav Satan handing the stick to you directly after the game ended
4. 40 x 40 of a small child or man holding the stick while wearing a Batman mask
I don't think $1000 is too much to ask for a gem like this, but I definitely want to haggle. I will start the bidding at three dollars or a burned copy of Phil Collins' album "But Seriously"
I look forward to hearing from you and viewing the photographs,
Lord HJ Mumpleton

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