Thursday, March 26, 2009

Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios Florida
What they do: Sell tickets so people can enjoy Men in Black in 3D

Date: January 17, 2008

You guys should make a ride for your park in the theme of the movie Titanic. You could sell 1st class, 2nd class and Steerage tickets for the ride and really collect some serious profits. You would have the passengers enter the ride and go to their cabin. Then the ship would hit a "fake iceberg" and begin to sink. Riders would then be thrown into a life or death struggle as they claw and scrape to got to the deck and off the boat.

The ride would be really intense and people would be scared, so I would recommend a minimum rider age of at least 9. But that is up to you, because no matter the age, women and children would be allowed off the ride first.

Cheap riders and thrill seekers would really get a rush by purchasing tickets for the steerage cabins. They would be so scared of death and just as the water level got up to their lips they would wake up and realize they are just in a 3D holographic thrill ride with Dolby surround sound. But then they would really wake up and they were actually in their studio apartment in downtown Cleveland and nowhere near Universal Studios Florida.

How did I think of this great idea? Well, I'm actually a cyborg developed by the US government and trained to think of sweet ideas. If you guys like this idea, let me know.

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