Thursday, March 26, 2009

T.G.I. Friday's

Last Friday I decided to take my family to Friday's to enjoy a meal. I had a tremendous experience and I just have to let you guys know you are doing a great job.

Upon arriving at the restaurant it was quite busy, and our wait was about 40 minutes. Normally I would be pretty upset about this, but one of the greeters entertained myself and my two children with Mel Gibson impressions. The impressions were spot-on and my children were impressed.

Once we were seated our service was above and beyond my wildest dreams. Our waitress catered to our every need and she even sang a few lines from the Star Spangled Banner, which is my son Dedrick's favorite national anthem.
Our meals were delicious, and everything was served quickly with no mistakes. The young lady who brought us our food made sure that we had everything we needed. My daughter Emma admired her earrings, and the girl shocked me by offering them to my daughter. Naturally I said that wasn't necessary, but the server insisted. It was really a nice gesture.

We had finished our meals and had a great time, when our server brought out the check, which was another pleasant surprise. Our server had forgotten to charge us for our food! The bill was only $8.22 for 4 people! Now that is a deal! After the meal, we returned home and gave our dog Chipper a bath and watched Everybody Loves Raymond.

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