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NBC:Creators of Friends, Seinfeld and AIDS

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Sunday April 19, 2009 - Flyers/Penguins Incident on Camera
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Roger Podacter Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 9:22 AM
Good Morning,

I would have written this e-mail sooner, but circumstances beyond my control have prohibited it. I just want to express my anger with something that was broadcast by YOUR network during the NHL playoff game on Sunday between the Penguins and Flyers.

Let me set-up the scene for you, and you tell me if I shouldn't be extremely upset:
Its Sunday afternoon and my 7 year old son Darius and me are just returning home after church. He is a well mannered 7 year old, and is wearing a lovely pastel yellow 3-piece suit that my mother just purchased for him this past Easter. Darius and myself live alone, since my wife left me for a co-worker last fall. That afternoon we had planned to go hiking, but the weather didn't hold up so we decided to watch the hockey game.

Everything was going great and we were enjoying some colas and smoked beef jerky, when all of the sudden during the third period Darius's life is changed forever. During some tussling behind the Flyers net involving Sidney Crosby, your cameras cut to a close-up of Sidney, and directly behind Sidney is a Flyers fan giving the middle finger. I immediately noticed this and figured your producer would move to another camera, but instead you television wizards decided to continue filming. By this point Darius had seen it and asks me what the man is doing. Trying to be a good father and thinking quickly on my feet I tell him that the man is simply saying hi. I quickly turned off your broadcast and we spent the remainder of the evening watching DVDs of Everybody Loves Raymond.

The next afternoon, I got a call at work from Darius's principal. Apparently, Darius greeted everyone from the bus driver to his teacher with the middle finger that morning. I was fuming and I had to take a half day to go to the school and meet with the principal and Darius. He ended up being restricted from recess for 3 days and he now has to write a letter apologizing for his actions.

It really makes me sad that something like this has to happen because of one networks' irresponsibility. I am an avid sports fan so most likely I will watch your network again, but I would appreciate an apology to my son.

- Roger

Roger Podacter Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 1:56 PM
Good afternoon,
I sent an e-mail to your help center yesterday morning and I have yet to receive a response. Its frustrating when you feel that your concerns are falling on deaf ears.
The troubles didn't just stop with Darius giving the middle finger. During school yesterday Darius's pants began to vibrate, and his teacher heard the vibrations and forced my son to hand over his cell phone. Upon opening it she was immediately greeted with a sext (nude photo message) from another student at the school! And this student was a male named Mike! I was completely shocked, and could not believe that one simple broadcast could change Darius so quickly. I understood the issue with the middle finger, but I was puzzled by my son's interest in other boys.

I spent the remainder of the evening sobbing in my bedroom while reviewing your broadcast of the game. I sat questioning myself and if I did something wrong that caused Darius to act this way and pursue other boys. Then it finally clicked. Throughout your broadcast I noticed that one of your broadcasters, who was short bald man with spectacles, repeatedly made comments about Flyers captain Mike Richards and how much he "loves" Richards. Darius being young and impressionable must have been misled by these comments and they caused this behavior.
What is a father to do here?
Thank you,
I would at least appreciate a confirmation that you have received my concerns and are working to avoid a future fiasco like this one. Darius and myself are victims and nothing can change that, but I can only hope that future sons will not fall down the same pitfalls.



  1. Here is what a "finger" can do. LOL!!!