Monday, April 13, 2009


Target: Skittles
What they sell: Candy
Date: April 08, 2008
Submitted By: Mumpleton Funk

My son Terrance and I just love munching away on some delicious Skittles while we watch our favorite show, Home Improvement. We have most of the seasons on DVD so we snack quite a bit. We both absolutely love Skittles, but my only fear is the day that I have to explain the color choice for Skittles and why his father loves to "taste the rainbow". His mother and I divorced 2 years ago, and I have made some "lifestyle changes" since.




  1. I just want to say, if your having women make out with animals, your product isn't something i am even remotely interested in buying. Totally gross!!!

  2. I am appauled at the latest commercial that shows a woman making out with a marine animal...walrus I believe. Whomever thought this act of beastiality is appropriate has no idea how to market this brand. I am deeply offeneded by this tasteless view of marketing. Disgusting. Please remove from television. Do not keep cheaping your product this way.